The public IBM i for everyone!

Welcome to PUB400.COM - your public IBM i system!

NOTE: PUB400.COM is online for existing users. Sorry, no new users at the moment. Please stay tuned until January 2019.

Change in user management:
PUB400 and its predecessor PUB1 have almost 15 years of history in serving access to AS400 and IBM i to the public. In these years, there were more than 60.000 people from all of the world accessing the system, learning, programming and having fun. It created a lot of work for us to provide this service, but we had no issue with this as we wanted to give some place to learn. In the last 2-3 years the type of users on PUB400 changed significally...
More and more training companies started setting up classes on PUB400 and offered their clients a place to learn but they asked for money. So they used our free infrastructure to run some business. Well, this might be a legitime thought if we were not telling them that this is some kind of unfriendly abuse. We offered them some better Infrastructure, dedicated Partitions where they have more service. Not interested. But we know who you are...
So we decited to shut down PUB400 for some months to calm down the situation - sorry to all other private users who just wanted to have a place to learn RPG, SQL etc...
After reactivating PUB400 again, we saw the same behaviour... which is not acceptable. So in future, there will be some new rules:

  • There will be no individual user profiles any longer. ONly USERxxxx with the same password. You cannot change this password.
  • If you want to keep the data, leave your session open so others cannot use it
  • There will be a hard restriction on number of connections from a single IP
  • There will be a hard setting on excluding other users from a users library
  • There will be no backup, and there will be no guarantee that PUB400 is online if you need it.
  • If you need reliable access, high quality service, just visit RZKH.DE
  • PUB400.COM will be a playground. But it will not be a place to make business without the efforts...
For info on signon, please point your 5250 emulator to ""

Please visit RZKH GmbH for interesting IBM i hosting offerings.