What may i do on PUB400.COM?

You'll get a free account with programmer *PGMR authority, 250MB storage and no time limitation. That's all you need to explore the system, create and test programs and learn most of the IBM i features.

Create programs in Cobol, RPG, CL, C, Java,python or even node.js is possible. We also will enable you to work with PHP and other neat web stuff. Learn database programming with native or SQL access!

Learn basic steps of system operating, but please be aware: you will not have rights to modify general system settings, create users or change system values. Remember, you are on a shared system, where such activities may affect other users. Not a good idea at all :-)

I need more!
If you want to learn about IBM i operatins and administration, you need a dedicated environment where you can change settings as you want to without affecting other users. See RZKH.DE for our great offerings for developers, trainers and commercial users.

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